Computer Support Service Owners


Exploring this Job

Get to know your own home computer—study the software and its manuals, and familiarize yourself with computer programming languages. Visit Codeacademy (, edX (, Coursera (, and Khan Academy (, where you can learn how to code for free. Read some of the many magazines devoted to computers, such as Macworld and Computerworld. Find out who services the computers in your school, and ask to spend some time with the technicians. But do not just focus on the technical duties of the people who own computer support services; find out how they go about running an office and maintaining a small business. Join your school's business club and you'll have the opportunity to meet small business owners in your area.

The Job

Computer support service owners use their expertise to help businesses and individuals install and maintain computer hardware and software.

Computer support service owners take calls from new clients, as well as clients who regularly rely on their services. Clients may have problems with their printers not responding to computer commands; a computer may be locked up; they may have problems performing the particular functions their software is designed for. In some cases, support service owners are able to diagnose the problem and offer assistance over the phone. But in most cases, they are required to go to the offices and work hands-on with the computer systems.

They install network systems and new hardware and software. They upgrade existing systems. Computer support service owners also teach clients how to use the new systems, either one on one or in group training sessions. They advise on the purchase of hardware and software (including security software), and can prepare backup methods.

Many computer consultants also offer their expertise in Web design and multimedia for uploading a Web page, preparing a presentation, and offering desktop publishing services. They also help to create computer databases. Some computer consultants are involved in issues of programming.

In addition to technical work, the owners of computer support services must handle all the details of running their businesses, managing customer service, bookkeeping, and client records. They must also research new technologies and keep up to date on advanced technical skills. Maintaining connections within the industry is also important; computer support system owners may need to call upon the assistance of other consultants and technicians to help with some projects.