Customer Service Directors


Employment Prospects


Because most companies value good customer service, there are job opportunities in a wide range of industries—from retail and wholesale to health care and technology. Some customer service directors work for companies which host big call centers. Others may work at the head office of a corporate business. Still others handle customer service needs in smaller companies.

Starting Out

Customer service director is not an entry level job. The best way for aspiring customer service directors to enter the field is by getting experience in a customer service department, moving into supervisory positions, and eventually becoming a customer service director. The best chance of employment for individuals without a great deal of experience will be in smaller companies.

Advancement Prospects

Customer service directors can take a number of different paths towards career advancement. Some individuals find similar positions in larger, more prestigious companies, resulting in increased earnings and responsibilities. Others advance into positions such as senior director of customer care, vice president of customer service, or vice president of operations.

Advancement prospects depend a great extent on the individual's drive, experience, and education. Those with advanced education and experience will have an edge over others when advancement opportunities open. 

Tips for Entry

Many companies like to promote from within. Get a job as a customer service representative and go the extra mile at work to make management notice you. Express your interest in supervisory positions.

Find a number of companies you are interested in working with and send them your resume and cover letter. Having your resume on file means that if there is a job opening, they might seek you out before they advertise.

Visit popular job sites such a,, and and put in search terms such as customer service director or director of customer service to locate jobs.