Data Warehousing Specialists


Employment Prospects


Data warehousing specialists are employed in nearly every industry (but especially in the health care, information technology, and consumer trade industries), at nonprofits, by government agencies, and by data consulting firms that provide services to these organizations. Opportunities are available throughout the country, but are best in large cities.

Starting Out

Participating in a data science–related internship, co-op, or fellowship is a good way to break into the field (i.e., analyst position). Visit the following Web sites for lists of data warehousing and information technology internships:

  • http://www.indeed.com/q-Data-Warehouse-Intern-jobs.html
  • https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/data-warehouse-intern-jobs
  • http://www.simplyhired.com
  • https://ieeeusa.org/careers
  • http://jobs.acm.org

Use the resources of your college’s career service office to build your job-search skills and identify job leads. Its career counselors can help you improve your resume and interviewing skills, direct you toward job fairs and internship opportunities, and, through relationships in the information technology industry, even help you land a job.

Become active on social media Web sites (especially LinkedIn). Visit the Web sites of data science and warehousing companies to learn more about job requirements and available positions. Reach out to members of alumni groups and associations for potential leads. If you’re looking for a management position, consider working with an executive recruiter (such as Burtch Works).

Advancement Prospects

Data warehousing analysts with at least five years of experience (including time in supervisory roles) can advance to management positions, including eventually to the top position of chief data officer. Some data warehousing professionals earn master’s degrees and become data scientists, who use scientific principles to study large amounts of data, and college professors, who teach data science and management classes. Some data warehousing specialists open consulting businesses.

Tips for Entry

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:

  • https://jobs.tdwi.org
  • https://jobs.computer.org
  • http://jobs.acm.org
  • http://www.dice.com
  • https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/data-warehouse-manager-jobs
  • http://www.indeed.com/q-Data-Warehouse-Manager-jobs.html

Join professional associations to access training and networking resources, industry publications, and job openings.

Attend the following conferences to network and participate in continuing education opportunities:

  • Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/wsds/2019
  • TDWI Events: https://tdwi.org/events/upcoming.aspx
  • Strata Data Conference: https://conferences.oreilly.com/strata
  • AWS Reinvent: https://reinvent.awsevents.com
  • IEEE International Congress on Big Data: http://www.ieeebigdata.org