Directors of Corporate Sponsorship


Exploring this Job

To explore the world of sponsorship, and the role of sponsors in advertising, branding, and fundraising, look at effective sponsorships. Watch and listen to media campaigns on television and radio, examine print advertising, and review brochures, programs, and giveaways. When guests attend a lecture, exhibit, or event, the sponsorship may be evident right in the name of the activity, such as “Smithfield Grocery’s 3rd Annual Run for Children’s Health." The pre-event promotion materials list sponsors, and the event program usually highlights major and minor sponsors and benefactors.  

In order to investigate the field of corporate sponsorship and the differing role that one may undertake as a director or manager, participate in fundraising activities for a chosen organization. You may begin as a volunteer with a charitable organization on established sponsored events, and then take a role in the planning, organization, promotion, and funding of that event. Smaller community-based charities with low budgets may welcome volunteers who bring ideas to the table, and provide hands-on development of activities or events to showcase the charity and its cause. This allow for individuals to gain experience going out in the field to recruit sponsorships or funding from local businesses or other organizations.

The Job

The director of corporate sponsorships (DCS) works with other members of the management team, including those responsible for advertising, branding, marketing, and finance to develop sponsorship opportunities that enhance the company's brand and presence in the market.

Depending on the company's size and its commitment to developing and maintaining sponsorships, the director may be solely responsible for sponsorship programs or manage a team of employees that works on various aspects of sponsorship. The director generally creates a framework for company sponsorships, setting guidelines for requested sponsorships and proposals. He or she reviews and evaluates those requests to determine how and if lending the corporate name or making a financial investment will offer the company marketing opportunities or otherwise benefit the company. 

The DCS in nonprofit organizations participates in a similar process but from a different perspective. This director seeks out and requests appropriate corporate sponsorships to obtain necessary funding for their organization, event, cause, etc.

He or she must make such request in a manner that shows the benefit of the partnership between the corporation and the nonprofit organization. Once a corporate sponsorship is granted, directors of corporate sponsorship for the sponsoring company and the recipient organization will both assist in the development and implementation of the sponsored event or facility.