Directors of Corporate Sponsorship


Directors of Corporate Sponsorship


Most large corporations have an individual or department that is responsible for reviewing and determining the company’s role in corporate sponsorship. The purpose may be charitable, but it will more likely be an avenue for advertising, branding, and promoting good will. The director of corporate sponsorship receives, evaluates, and recommends (to other members of the corporate team) requests for sponsorship funds from the corporation, and implements sponsorship projects. Such projects may be as significant as multi-million dollar s...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



Employment Prospects



Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



Five to 10 years of experience



Business Management


Personality Traits



The U.S. Department of Labor (SOL) does not have specific data for directors of corporate sponsorship or sponsorship managers. However, some of their work is similar to that which is done by advertising and promotions managers, as well as by public relations and fundraising managers. 

The DOL reports that advertising and promotions managers earned annual median salaries of $...

Work Environment

Directors of corporate sponsorship typically work in an office environment. Often, those working as directors for nonprofit organizations must travel to present sponsorship requests, and those working in corporate or nonprofit settings may meet at locations outside their offices, such as onsite event locations, to work with others to implement their sponsorship programs.


The National Center for Charitable Statistics reports that there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations including public charities and private organizations, and in 2016, donations from individuals, foundations and businesses were in excess of $390 billion. These statistics demonstrate the potential for corporate giving and sponsorship opportunities, and the need for professionals to...