Regulatory Affairs Managers


Regulatory Affairs Managers


Regulatory affairs managers make sure that the production activities of organizations are in compliance with regulations and standard operating procedures. They keep up to date on government and industry regulations and rules, and analyze the regulations to determine how they apply to their company's operations and policies. Their work entails strong research, writing, and computer skills as well as problem-solving and strategic planning abilities. More than 80,000 compliance, legal, and operations executives are members of the Regu...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



Employment Prospects



Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



Five years experience



Business Management


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Regulatory affairs managers earned a median annual salary of $110,630 in May 2019, according to the Department of Labor. For management occupations in general, the lowest paid 10 percent earned $49,990 and the top paid 10 percent earned $154,260 or more. reported regulatory affairs managers employed in September 2019 earned about $102,288 per year. Salaries ranged from about $68,00...

Work Environment

Regulatory affairs managers work in offices, with the work day divided between meetings with regulatory team members and other departments, on the computer conducting research and writing reports and e-mails, and on the telephone. They work 40 or more hours per week. Travel is required at times for meetings and conferences. The work can be pressurized at times, particularly when working under s...


Regulatory affairs managers will continue to find good employment opportunities in the coming years. Those with prior training and experience in areas such as business, engineering, marketing, pharmacy, or science will be in demand. Many different types of companies will need the expertise of regulatory affairs managers to help ensure their operations and products comply with governmental and i...