Labor Union Business Agents


Labor Union Business Agents


Labor union business agents manage the daily business matters of labor unions and act as liaisons between the union and management during contract negotiations. They manage business affairs for the labor unions that employ them, and inform the media of labor union happenings. Labor union business agents are also responsible for informing employers of workers' concerns.

Quick Facts


Median Salary



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Minimum Education Level

High School Diploma



Previous work experience in the trade, industry, or profession in



Business Management


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The earnings of business agents vary depending on the union's membership size and the type of business it represents. Agents' pay is usually prescribed in union bylaws or its constitution. Typically, their wages mirror the earnings of the highest-paid worker in the particular field the agent represents. Average starting salaries for agents are about $50,000. After five years' experience, busine...

Work Environment

An agent's dedication to the union often dictates the amount of hours worked every week. Most agents work a 40-hour week, but often work much longer hours during contract bargaining talks and membership drives. They are also expected to be available 24 hours a day to handle any possible emergencies.

Agents generally split their time between office work at council or local headquarters, a...


The success of union business agents depends to a great extent on the strength and growth prospects of their particular unions as well as of their industries in general. The best opportunities for employment and advancement exist in those industries that are expected to grow in years to come.

The manufacturing sector of the economy, which traditionally has been very highly unionized, is ...