Retail Managers


Retail Managers


Retail managers are responsible for the profitable operation of retail trade establishments. They oversee the selling of food, clothing, furniture, sporting goods, novelties, and many other items. Their duties include hiring, training, and supervising other employees, maintaining the physical facilities, managing inventory, monitoring expenditures and receipts, and maintaining good public relations. Retail managers hold nearly 1.5 million jobs in the United States.

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High School Diploma



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Salaries depend on the size of the store, the responsibilities of the job, and the number of customers served. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, median annual earnings of supervisors of retail sales workers, including commission, were $40,350 in May 2019. Salaries ranged from less than $26,290 to more than $70,060 per year. Mean annual earnings of grocery store managers were $45,430, a...

Work Environment

Most retail stores are pleasant places to work, and managers are often given comfortable offices. Many, however, work long hours. Managers often work six days a week and as many as 60 hours a week, especially during busy times of the year such as during the holidays. Because holiday seasons are peak shopping periods, it is extremely rare that managers can take holidays off or schedule vacations...


Employment of retail managers is expected to decline 5 percent through 2029. Retailers have reduced their management staff to cut costs and make operations more efficient. In early 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak had a major impact on every industry, including retailing, causing supply chain disruptions, temporary and permanent store closures, and layoffs. The economic fallout that ac...