Retail Loss Prevention Specialists


Retail Loss Prevention Specialists


Retail loss prevention specialists make sure that systems and procedures are in place to prevent merchandise theft and financial loss in retail stores. They investigate the activities of employees and conduct audits and report on their findings. Specialists may also be responsible for apprehending shoplifters and in some instances testifying in retail theft or fraud court cases. There are approximately 141,790 protective service workers, including retail loss prevention specialists, employed in the United States.

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Bachelor's Degree



Two to three years experience



Business Management


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Retail loss prevention specialists employed in September 2020 earned an average salary of $36,760, as reported by Salaries ranged from $27,000 to $59,000 or more. Protective service workers, all other, earned a median salary of $30,720 in May 2018, according to the Department of Labor. Salaries ranged from $20,530 to $54,130 or more.

Employment benefits typically include p...

Work Environment

Retail loss prevention specialists work indoors in stores and offices. They usually work full time, 40 or more hours per week, although the hours will vary depending upon the retail store's hours. They work independently as well as on teams with store management and employees, other loss prevention professionals, and law enforcement professionals. For some jobs they may wear a uniform, whereas ...


The loss prevention field aligns with the state of the economy. During times of economic strength, more companies hire loss prevention specialists to help them reduce merchandise theft and protect their assets. Retail loss prevention specialists will continue to find good employment opportunities in the coming years. Despite the growth of e-commerce, people still want to shop in brick-and-morta...