Strategy Managers


Strategy Managers


Strategy managers help companies to establish strategic and long-range goals. They review companies' existing goals to determine if they are realistic and achievable. They create plans for achieving goals that are within companies' budgets and resources. They identify the areas in companies where improvements in operations can be made to increase efficiency. Strategy managers also monitor the progress of employees and groups to ensure objectives are being met. There are 709,750 management analysts, a job that shares some of the resp...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



Employment Prospects



Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



Five or more years of consulting experience



Business Management


Personality Traits



Strategy managers earned a median salary of $100,103 in July 2020, according to Salaries ranged from $64,000 to $138,000 or more. Those with skills in mergers and acquisitions receive high pay in this profession. The cities where strategy managers earn the highest salaries are Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Department of Labor reports that management analysts employed in May 2...

Work Environment

Strategy managers work in offices. They work full time business hours, usually 40 or more hours per week. They often work under tight deadlines, which can mean longer work hours that can extend into the evenings and over weekends and holidays. They spend some time traveling for meetings with companies' executives and employees. Some projects entail spending consecutive days working in companies...


Strategy managers will have good employment opportunities in the coming years. Many organizations will seek their expertise to help them develop and achieve goals that are realistic and beneficial. Strategy managers will be in demand to improve companies' efficiencies and production costs. The coronavirus pandemic has also shed light on companies' efficiencies and structures, and strategy manag...