Internet Marketing and Advertising Consultants



Internet marketing and advertising consultants use their business savvy, marketing skills, and knowledge of e-commerce to help companies promote their services or products on the Internet. E-marketing requires a unique set of skills from traditional marketing channels, and since the 21st century, training and educational programs have developed to teach them. Internet marketing professionals may work for a larger company that has its own in-house staff of Internet professionals, with Internet marketing consulting companies, or as in...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



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Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



One or more years' experience





Personality Traits



Internet marketing and advertising consultants' earnings vary widely depending on their geographic location, type of company they work for, and their experience and reputation. Beginning consultants may make about $30,000 per year, while many consultants earn around $60,000 annually. Some consultants have salaries that exceed $100,000 a year. The U.S. Department of Labor says that advertising a...

Work Environment

Internet marketing and advertising consultants work in a variety of settings. Depending on the project, they may work out of their homes or private offices. At other times, they may be required to work on-site at the client's facilities, which may, for example, be an office building or factory. Consultants employed by a large or small consulting firm or as full-time employees may also spend tim...


Employment for marketing managers is expected to grow by 8 percent through 2028, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, or faster than the average for all careers. Job opportunities for advertising managers will not be as strong, growing more slowly than the average during this same time span. There is a large demand for Internet marketing and advertising consultants as a result of the rapi...