Fashion Writers and Editors


Fashion Writers and Editors


Fashion writers express, promote, and interpret fashion ideas and facts in written form. Fashion editors perform a wide range of functions, but their primary responsibility is to ensure that text provided by fashion writers is suitable in content, format, and style for the intended audiences. There are approximately 241,500 writers and editors employed in the United States; fashion writers and editors make up a very small percentage of this group.

Quick Facts


Median Salary



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Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



Any prior writing/editing experience



Digital Media


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Earnings reports the following average earnings for fashion editorial professionals: 

  • senior editor: $90,700
  • managing editor: $76,920
  • writer: $58,620
  • editor: $50,680
  • associate editor: $43,780
  • copy editor: $40,600
  • assistant editor: $39,140

The median annual salary for writers in all fields was $62,170...

Work Environment

The environments in which fashion writers and editors work can vary widely. Most writers and editors work in offices or cubicles. But they may not spend all of their time there, as their jobs may require them to attend fashion shows in other cities, visit fashion houses or department stores, attend social functions, or make less glamorous visits to the library for research. Many of these events...


Employment for all editors is expected to decline 3 percent, while little or no change in employment is expected for writers through 2028, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Because of the narrow scope of fashion writing and editing, competition for jobs will be very intense. Individuals with previous experience (especially with the Web, social media, and multimedia) and specialized edu...