Fabric Designers


Fabric Designers


Fabric designers, who are also called textile designers, create the different structures and looks of textiles and fabrics. They determine what type of fabrics and fibers to use for specific projects. They design patterns and prints, manipulate materials, and arrange colors and textures to create fabric. Individuals design fabric for clothing and accessories, furnishings, and household goods among other things. They may hand sketch designs and/or use computer software. Fabric designers may work in conjunction w...

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High School Diploma



Internship or apprenticeship, or one to six years experience in l



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Earnings for fabric designers can vary tremendously depending on their geographic location, the experience and professional reputation of the designer, and the specific branch of employment.

Fabric designers earned wages that ranged from $39,000 to $101,000 or more in 2019, according to PayScale.com. They earned median salaries of $62,534. PayScale.com reported that 74 percent of fabric ...

Work Environment

Fabric designers work in a variety of different environments depending on their interests and aspirations. They are employed by large fashion houses, textile manufacturers, fashion designers, retailers, design companies, interior decorators, furniture or carpet manufacturers, and home design companies. Some fabric designers are self-employed.

Designers who are employed by a company gener...


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not provide employment outlook information and predictions specifically for fabric designers. But it does report that little or no change in employment will occur for fashion designers (which are a design occupation in the textile industry) through 2028. 

A great deal of apparel is produced outside of the United States. As a result, the BLS ...