Fashion Stylists


Fashion Stylists


Photo styling is actually an all-encompassing term for the many and varied contributions that a photo stylist brings to the job. Primarily, the photo stylist works with a photographer to create a particular image, using props, backgrounds, accessories, clothing, costumes, linens, and other set elements. Much of the work exists within the print advertising industry, although stylists are also called to do film and commercial shoots. Fashion stylists are photo stylists who specialize in helping photographers and other professionals cr...

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Median Salary



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Minimum Education Level

Some Postsecondary Training



One to two years as a merchandise displayer or stylist's assistan





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Earning potential varies based on the skill and experience levels of the stylist and his or her geographic location and employer. Salaries at production houses can start as low as $8 an hour (or $64 per day), but usually include fringe benefits like health insurance, not to mention a regular paycheck. Fashion stylists earned median annual salaries of $50,564 in 2019, according to ...

Work Environment

Work conditions for a fashion stylist are as varied as the job itself. Preparation for a shoot may involve hours on the telephone, calling from the home or office, and more hours shopping for props and materials to use on the set. Much of the work is done inside comfortable photo studios or at other indoor locations, but sometimes, especially in fashion and catalog photography, outdoor location...


The value of a good fashion stylist is becoming more and more apparent to photographers and advertising clients. However, the outlook for employment for stylists depends a great deal on their perseverance and reputation. Larger cities are the most fertile places to find work, but there are photo studios in nearly every community. The fortunes of the stylist are intrinsically related to the heal...