Production Assistants


Production Assistants


Production assistants perform a variety of support tasks for film, television, and video producers and other staff members. They must be prepared to help out everywhere, ensuring that daily operations run as smoothly as possible. Some production assistants may perform substantive jobs, such as reviewing scripts, but others may primarily run errands. They must be willing to work hard and keep long hours at times, since tight production schedules require full days. An agreeable temperament and willingness to follow instructions and pe...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



Employment Prospects



Minimum Education Level

High School Diploma



No previous experience required





Personality Traits



Because working as a production assistant is the starting point for most professionals and artists in the film industry, many people volunteer their time until they make connections and move into paid positions. Those assistants who can negotiate payment may make $500 a week or more, but they may only have the opportunity to work on a few projects a year. Full-time production assistants earned ...

Work Environment

A film set is an exciting environment, but the production assistant may be treated poorly there. With a positive attitude, energy, and a desire to be useful, PAs will earn respect from the production department.

There are unwritten rules that should be followed. A production assistant is expected be respectful and well behaved on location. This means that production assistants should be ...


There will always be a need for assistants in film and television production. However, since it is such a good entry-level position for someone who wants to make connections and learn about the industry, competition for jobs can be tough. Fortunately, production assistants usually do not stay in their jobs more than one or two years, so turnover is fairly frequent. Production assistants will fi...