Music Agents and Scouts


Music Agents and Scouts


An agent is a salesperson who sells artistic talent. Music agents act as the representatives for musical performers such as musicians, singers, orchestras, bands, and other musical groups, promoting their talent and managing legal contractual business. Music scouts search for musical talent at clubs, concert halls, and other music venues. Approximately 14,830 agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes are employed in the United States.

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Earnings for agents vary greatly, depending on the success of the agent and his or her clients. An agency receives 10 to 20 percent of a client's fee for a project. An agent is then paid a commission by the agency as well as a base salary. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes earned median salaries of $66,040 in May 2018. Sa...

Work Environment

Work in a talent agency can be lively and exciting. Music agents find it rewarding to watch a client attain success with their help. This work can seem very glamorous, allowing music agents to rub elbows with the rich and famous and make contacts with the most powerful people in the music industry. Most agents, however, represent less famous musicians.

Agents' work requires a great deal ...


Employment in the music and entertainment field is expected to increase in response to the demand for entertainment from a growing population. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts employment growth for agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes to be faster than the average for all occupations through 2028. The number of musicians also continues to grow, creating fierce ...