Music Producers



Music producers are responsible for the overall production of commercially recorded music. They work closely with recording artists and audio recording engineers to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan during a recording session. They monitor and control the technical aspects of a session, such as microphone placement, tracks used, sound and effects, musician needs, and anything else that influences the quality of the recorded music, as well as see to other needs of the musicians and recording engineers. They review...

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High School Diploma






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A music producer can earn a considerable amount of money or go broke. It is difficult to indicate an average salary for producers because they generally make a lot of money or their tenure in the business is short. This is because the income of a record producer is directly tied to the sales of the records he or she produces. An independent producer works on a royalty basis, which usually is ab...

Work Environment

Music producers have the opportunity to work closely with creative people. They also have an actual digital album, CD, and/or record as a finished product. To stay competitive and in demand, producers must work extremely hard, sometimes weeks on end without a break.

A music producer at a record company usually has a private office and all of the support staff needed. Recording studio spa...


The recording industry is in a continual state of flux. New technology, new music, new markets, and new ways of doing business are constantly redefining the way the music producers perform their jobs. Computer technology is simplifying the recording and mixing process while opening new outlets for creativity. More consumers are purchasing their music through the Internet and digital channels, a...