Driving School Owners and Instructors


Driving School Owners and Instructors


Driving instructors, also known as driving safety educators, teach people the rules of the road and skills needed to drive safely. Their teaching methods include classroom lectures covering driving theory, traffic rules and laws, and automobile maintenance, as well monitoring and instructing students as they drive a car. Some instructors specialize by type of vehicle (such as cars, trucks, buses, or motorcycles).

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Minimum Education Level

High School Diploma



Any experience teaching others will be useful



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The U.S. Department of Labor does not offer salary information for the career of driving school owners or instructors. It does note that self-enrichment teachers, a category which could include commercial driving instructors, earned a median hourly wage of $18.62 (or $38,720 annually) in May 2018. The lowest 10 percent earned $20,820 and the top 10 percent earned $77,770. Driving instructors at...

Work Environment

Driving instructors work both indoors and outdoors. They give lectures and monitor simulator time inside a classroom. They also spend a great deal of time teaching from behind the wheel of an automobile, in a variety of driving situations ranging from side streets to busy highways.

While both private and public instructors work year-round, their hours vary significantly. Those teaching i...


Employment opportunities should continue to be good for driving school owners and instructors. Students will continue to enroll in driver's education, either through their public high school or at private schools. Another incentive is a discounted rate now offered by many insurance carriers to students who have completed a driver's education program. Some school districts, because of budget cut...