Product Analysts


Product Analysts


Product analysts help companies improve their products and their customers' experience with the products and the company. They use data analysis software to research market trends and competitors' products and services, to determine areas in which their companies' products can be improved; they also identify potential new products. The job requires strong knowledge of product management and statistics, technology skills, and the ability to organize complex information into written reports. Roughly 5 percent of the nation's 182,050 l...

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Bachelor's Degree



Two or more years experience



Information Management


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Product analysts earned an average salary of $65,458 in May 2020, as reported by Salaries ranged from $48,000 to $96,000 or more. San Francisco was the market with the highest average salary, followed by Boston, New York, and Seattle.

The median salary for logisticians employed in May 2019 was $74,750, according to the Department of Labor. The lowest 10 percent earned $44,0...

Work Environment

Product analysts work in corporate offices. Those that are self-employed may work out of home offices. They work independently as well as part of a team that includes product managers, marketers, finance managers, among others. The work hours are usually full time, 40 hours per week, but hours may extend when deadlines need to be met and schedules are tight. Analysts spend a good portion of the...


Product analysts will continue to find good employment opportunities in the years to come. Companies will seek out their expertise in research and analysis to improve their products and maintain and increase their customer base. According to the Department of Labor, market research analysts, whose work overlaps that of product analysts in some areas, will have much faster than average employmen...