Customer Success Managers


Customer Success Managers


Software as a service (SaaS) is a way of providing software applications to customers on demand. With this type of technology, software vendors may make the application available for download on their Web sites; the application may be sent to a user’s computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device; or the user may access and use the software via a cloud computing program. The customer pays a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee to use the software. Customer success managers (CSMs) are the primary point of contact between a SaaS ...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



Employment Prospects



Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



Three to five years of experience in lower-level, customer-facing





Personality Traits



Customer success managers earned average salaries of $67,638 in 2020, according to Earnings ranged from $46,000 to $107,000 or more. They also received average bonuses of $9,741, average commission on sales of $12,399, and average profit sharing awards of $4,022.

Benefits for CSMs depend on the employer; however, they usually include such items as health insurance, retireme...

Work Environment

Customer success managers work in typical office settings. Depending on their employer, they may travel occasionally or frequently to meet with clients.

A customer success manager at a large company may have anywhere from 20 to 150 customers, whom they must constantly stay in touch with and assist in order to retain their business. This can be stressful because of the heavy workload, exp...


“The need for customer success experience in the next 10 years will grow exponentially as the world moves to subscription software models,” according to Gainsight, a well-known customer success platform provider. Statistics support this prediction. Worldwide revenue earned by software as a service providers reached $101 billion in 2019, up from only $4 to $5 billion in 2009, according to Synerg...