Big Data Developers


Big Data Developers


Big Data is the term for a collection of large datasets (a dataset is a group of two or more data points) that cannot be analyzed effectively by using traditional statistical methods. The career of big data developer is not just one profession, but an umbrella term for a group of specialized workers with different skills and training who collect, analyze, and store and safeguard data. Developers use data to help companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations reach their goals (e.g., translating customer data into increa...

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Bachelor's Degree



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Salaries for big data professionals depend on the employer, the size of the department or organization, and the worker’s job title and level of experience.

Salaries for computer and information research scientists (a category that includes data scientists) ranged from $69,230 to $183,820 or more in May 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). They had mean annual earnings o...

Work Environment

Big data developers work in typical office settings. Those who are employed at large corporations have access to cutting-edge technology, enjoy flexible work schedules (including work-at-home options), and receive other perks and benefits. Smaller employers may not be able to offer these resources. Big data developers who work as consultants may travel to the offices of their clients to attend ...


Job opportunities for big data specialists will be excellent during the next decade. Massive amounts of data are being generated by customers at stores and online, through sensors and surveillance cameras, by the use of social media and the Internet, and via many other sources. A look at the following digital activity each minute in 2019 (according to the World Economic Forum) spotlights the sh...