Information Assurance Analysts


Information Assurance Analysts


Information assurance analysts ensure that data is protected during processing, storage, transmission, and usage. They assess risk factors and take steps to protect the data and the systems used to facilitate its use or storage from cyber criminals and spies, or from accidental release to the media, business competitors, or foreign governments. This data can range from credit card information and medical records, to trade secrets and intellectual property, to top secret government intelligence. Information assurance analysts (IAAs) ...

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Compensation for information assurance analysts varies by employer and by the nature of the information they are employed to protect.

In 2020, information assurance analysts earned salaries that ranged from $51,000 to $113,000, according to, with a median of $73,468

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that median annual earnings for com...

Work Environment

Approximately 25 percent of information security analysts (a related career) work more than 40 hours a week. Information assurance analysts work in typical office settings, and have the use of the latest technology and office equipment. Those who work as consultants may need to travel to the offices of their clients.

This career can be stressful at times—especially if one works for organ...


Edward Snowden’s 2013 leaks of highly-sensitive classified information from the National Security Agency, the 2015 hacking of the Democratic National Committee allegedly by Russian security services, the WikiLeaks controversy in the late 2010s, and ongoing cyberattacks against corporations and government agencies suggest that there will be strong demand for information assurance analysts by gov...