Electromechanical Engineering Technologists


Employment Prospects


Approximately 14,000 electromechanical technicians (a career that includes EETs) are employed in the United States. Electromechanical engineering technologists are employed in a variety of industries. They work in aerospace, automotive, defense, mining, agriculture, robotics, biomedical, and communications industries.

Starting Out

Many electromechanical engineering technologists get started in their careers through internships and part-time jobs in engineering or manufacturing firms. They may find internship and job opportunities through their school's career services office, by searching for jobs on employment Web sites (such as CareerBuilder, Indeed, SimplyHired, Monster, among many others), and through professional associations. Another great way to find work is through career fairs and by contacting companies directly.

Advancement Prospects

Electromechanical engineering technologists with several years of successful work experience advance by taking on more complex projects. As they hone their knowledge and skills they may be promoted to supervisor and management roles, responsible for hiring and overseeing employees and handling larger responsibilities. Some advance by getting an advanced degree and becoming an engineer or by pursuing certification in certain specialties. Other ways to advance include teaching in schools, speaking and teaching at professional association conferences and workshops, and writing about the profession for industry-related publications.

Tips for Entry

Learn more about electromechanical engineering by reading publications such as  Mechatronics: The Science of Intelligent Machines (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/mechatronics) and Mechanical Engineering (https://www.asme.org/network/media/mechanical-engineering-magazine).

Check out career planning tips and other resources by visiting the Web sites of the ASME, Association for Computing Machinery, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE Computer Society, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Find upcoming conferences for electromechanical engineering professionals and plan to attend one to take advantage of networking opportunities and educational programs. Visit the ASME's Conferences page, https://www.asme.org/conferences-events, for a list.