Fiber Optics Technicians


Employment Prospects


Approximately 122,700 telecommunications line installers and repairers, including fiber optics technicians, are employed in the United States. Fiber optics technicians work for telecommunications companies, cable companies, and computer networking businesses. They may also work as freelancers, hiring on with companies on special installation projects.

Starting Out

There are many sources of information about developments and job opportunities in fiber optics and the telecommunications industry, such as Work in Optics ( When you complete a fiber optics technology program, your school will be able to direct you to local job opportunities. Professional associations and newspaper advertisements are also good sources of job leads.

Fiber optics technicians start out as apprentices or ground helpers. As they gain experience, they are assigned increasingly demanding duties.

Advancement Prospects

Even without special fiber optics training, fiber optics technicians may be able to enter the job market in an entry-level position with a telecommunications company. The company may have its own training program, or offer tuition reimbursement for outside seminars in fiber optics technology. After they've gained experience working with fiber optic cable, fiber optics technicians may be able to move into a management or executive position. They may also become consultants, advising companies on data transmission problems.

Tips for Entry

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