Green Marketers


Exploring this Job

Learn more about the different types of green products and services that are on the market by visiting the Environmental Protection Agency's Web site, 

An internship or part-time job in an advertising or marketing agency that works on green product campaigns is a good way to gain insights into this field. Ask your school's career services office for help with locating opportunities. You can also search for internship and job openings on employment Web sites such as Indeed, Recruiter, and Simply Hired, as well as on LinkedIn. Conduct an information interview with people who work in green marketing to learn more about their careers. Ask them how they got started in the field and what they like most and least about their work.  

The Job

Green marketers help create marketing campaigns to promote products and services that conserve and preserve the environment. The marketing campaigns may emphasize such aspects as products that are made from recycled materials or have reduced production pollutants. Green marketers may also work with clients who offer renewable energy services and products such as solar or wind power.

As described in an article about green business in Inc. magazine, the main components of green marketing include "promoting the environmental attributes of products; introducing new products specifically for those concerned with energy efficiency, waste reduction, sustainability, and climate control; and redesigning existing products with an eye towards these same consumers." The article goes on to explain that green marketing is on the rise, with strong growth in the marketing of companies' environmental ethics and their products' environmental advantages.

Green marketers study the marketing and sales trends of green products and services to have a better understanding of current sales and predict conditions in the future. They research their clients' and competitors' marketing tactics and conduct focus groups and other types of research on consumer opinions and buying habits to identify areas for improvement. They also identify the target audiences for green products, services, and technologies.

Green marketers may oversee their company's operations or a specific territory or department. They may be involved in developing sales or promotional materials for green products and services, which can include creating and managing project budgets. They may also hire and supervise staff. Green marketers are usually responsible for long-range planning for their company or department, including setting goals for the organization and developing a workable plan for meeting those goals. They may also coordinate their department's work with other departments, such as creative, media, and account management. If the green marketing agency is privately owned, the owner may be the manager. In a large corporation, however, there will be a management structure above the green marketer. 

Green marketers work with their staff and other professionals to determine how marketing campaigns should look. They help develop branding and sales initiatives. They may also be involved in creating distribution plans for green products and services, based on where and when the target consumers shop. Green marketers use different software programs in their work, including database user interface software such as Microsoft Access, desktop publishing programs like Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher, and Web page creation and editing software such as WordPress.