Horticultural Inspectors


Education and Training Requirements

High School

Because the minimum education required to be a horticultural inspector is generally a bachelor's degree, those interested in this field should take college preparatory courses. High school students should focus on general classes in speech; English, especially writing; business; computer science; and general mathematics. They should also focus on biology, health, chemistry, agriculture, earth science, and shop or vocational training.

Postsecondary Training

The specific degree and training qualifications vary for each position and area in which inspection is done. In this line of work, earning a bachelor's degree in agriculture, chemistry, or food science would be helpful to gaining employment. College courses in agricultural science, biology, government, or related subjects will also be useful for aspiring agricultural inspectors. 

Certification, Licensing, and Special Requirements

Certification or Licensing

Certification and licensing requirements vary according to the position. Contact the agency for which you would like to work for detailed information on certification and licensing. For federal positions, a civil service examination is generally required. Education and experience in the specific field is usually necessary.

Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits

Inspectors should have experience inspecting and testing a variety of horticultural products, such as plants and livestock. They should be skilled at collecting samples from animals and plants, analyzing them accurately, and writing clear and concise reports that convey vast amounts of information and investigative work.

Horticultural inspectors must be precision-minded, have an eye for detail, and be able to accept responsibility. They are tenacious and patient as they follow each case from investigation to its conclusion. They also must be able to communicate well with others in order to reach a clear analysis of a situation and be able to report this information to a superior or coworker.