Hotel Executive Housekeepers


Employment Prospects


IEHA, an organization for housekeeping executives, has more than 1,300 members. Housekeeping is needed in every industry, and positions can be found worldwide. However, jobs are clustered in urban or resort areas where there is great demand for large hotels. Larger hotels usually employ a few assistant executive housekeepers who report to the head of the housekeeping department. If you are an executive housekeeper at a smaller motel or inn, chances are your department may consist of only one or two people. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to clean! 

Starting Out

The position of executive housekeeper is among the top rungs of the hotel corporate ladder; very few people start their hospitality careers at this level. Most college graduates start out as floor managers or supervisors and move up from there. High school graduates are usually hired for line-level jobs, such as room attendants. A college degree is not always a requirement, but without one, your climb to the top will take much longer. Check with school career services offices, newspaper want ads, online employment sites, and trade magazines for job openings. Members of IEHA are eligible to receive Job News, a weekly e-newsletter that features job listings. 

Advancement Prospects

Executive housekeepers are considered part of the hotel's executive team and are on the same level as the director of food and beverages or the hotel manager. Because executive housekeepers are already at the head of their particular department, advancement possibilities are limited. Promotions are usually to other hotel departments, with many directors of housekeeping advancing to higher positions such as that of general manager. Executive housekeepers are needed in every industry where cleanliness is top priority.

Tips for Entry

During high school, find a part-time job or summer employment at a nearby inn or hotel.

Read home magazines or blogs to become acquainted with cleaning methods, decorating tips, and more.

Talk to your career counselor about opportunities in hotel management.

Volunteer to organize school activities to gain experience in project management, teamwork, and event planning.