Internet Store Managers and Entrepreneurs


Employment Prospects


Internet store managers may work for an established traditional business or institution that also has a Web site that offers products and services. The manager may also work for a business that only has a presence on the Web or for an Internet entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are self-employed, and sometimes they employ people to work for them. Some Internet entrepreneurs are hired to begin a business for someone else.

There are many leading Internet sales companies today and opportunities for working for them continue to increase. Finding an entry-level job in sales and marketing may be somewhat easier than finding and obtaining a management position.

Starting Out

Professionals in the field advise those just starting out to work for someone else to gain experience in the business world before launching their own business. The Internet is a good resource to use to find employment. There are many sites that post job openings. Local employment agencies and newspapers and trade magazines also list job opportunities. In addition, your college career services office should be able to provide you with help locating a job. Networking with college alumni and people in your computer users groups may also provide job leads.

Advancement Prospects

Advancement opportunities depend on the business, its success, and the individual's goals. Internet entrepreneurs or store managers who are successful may enter other business fields or consulting, or they may advance to higher-level management positions or other larger Internet-based businesses. Some entrepreneurs establish a business and then sell it only to begin another business venture. The Internet is constantly changing; this state of flux means that a wide variety of possibilities are available to those working in the field.

Tips for Entry

Volunteer or get a part-time job managing the social media operations for a local business. Working closely with a business owner to market and promote his or her establishment will increase your experience in entrepreneurship, customer service, and sales.

Join Junior Achievement (https://www.juniorachievement.org) to learn about business and entrepreneurship.

Research different business technologies online and learn as much as you can from different Web sites. Code Academy (http://www.codeacademy.com), for example, can teach you how to make your own Web site, and other sources can teach you about analytics and e-commerce.

The Small Business Administration offers helpful information on starting and funding a business. Visit http://www.sba.gov for more information.