Live Streamers


Employment Prospects


Live streamers may be employed full time or work on a contract basis. They work for companies such as Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. They may also work independently, hosting their own programs. Other companies that may employ live streamers include Akamai Technologies, Amazon Web Services, Apple, Cisco Systems, Google, Kaltura, Netflix, International Business Machine Corporation (IBM Cloud Video), Wowza Media Systems, Hulu, HBO Now, among others.

Starting Out

Many live streamers and live gaming streamers start out by learning on their own free time how to live stream programs and games. They may also start by working part time or during the summer for live streaming companies, getting a foot in the door while honing their live streaming skills and taking classes to keep up with live streaming technology. Look for job posting on the live streaming platforms that interest you, such as Facebook Live, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube Live. Job openings for live streamers and live gaming streamers are also posted on sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and SimplyHired, among many others. Ask your school's career services office for help with finding opportunities in live streaming companies.

Advancement Prospects

Live streamers and live gaming streamers advance by improving their technological skills and knowledge. Those who work for small companies advance by taking jobs in larger companies. They also advance by expanding their social media presence, growing their audience, and increasing their subscriber base. Other ways to advance in this profession include writing about the field and speaking at events for live streaming professionals. Those who work for companies may leave to start their own live streaming businesses.

Tips for Entry

Look for live streaming programs and live streamers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Take a class in live streaming to learn the basics about how to get started in live streaming. Search for tutorials on the platforms you plan to use, such as Facebook Live or YouTube Live, among others.

Set up an informational interview with a live streamer or live gaming streamer. Prepare a list of questions beforehand, to find out such things as what their first live streaming job was and how they got started in this profession. Ask them what advice they wish they'd gotten early on that would have helped them most.