Pit Bosses


Education and Training Requirements

High School

Pit bosses working in casinos generally are required to hold a high school diploma or equivalent. As math and business skills are necessary for success in this career, any classes in these areas will be helpful. 

Other Education and Training

Pit bosses generally begin their careers as dealers, so most go through dealer training at in-house training programs offered at casinos, gaming academies or dealer schools located throughout the country in areas hosting casinos. Some are private. Others may be part of a vocational-tech school, community college or four year university.  

These programs typically teach in a simulated casino environment and cover various components of dealing such as handling cards and other equipment, taking bets, and rules and regulations. While schools and academies may be located nationwide, the majority are near areas hosting a large number of casinos such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Any gaming management courses beyond those offered in dealing school will be helpful for those aspiring to become pit bosses. These too, may be located in local community colleges, four-year schools, or provided by the casino directly.

Certification, Licensing, and Special Requirements

Certification or Licensing

Pit managers must be licensed in the state in which they work. This license is generally issued by a regulatory agency such as the state's casino control board or commission. For specific licensing requirements, visit your state’s gaming commission website.

Other Requirements

Employers generally conduct background checks of prospective pit managers, require that they have no criminal record, and pass a drug test. Pit bosses must also meet the position's age requirement set by the state.

Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits

Extensive experience working in the gaming industry is necessary for this position. Depending on the specific job, individuals are generally required to have a minimum of five years to seven year working with table games with three to five of those in a supervisory and management capacity such as a table games supervisor or floor person. Administrative and clerical experience is often needed as well.

Individuals need a wide array of skills to be successful in this job. Supervisory skills are necessary. Good verbal communication skills are essential. Individuals must be personable people with the ability to promote good customer service. They must also be able to instill that ability in their employees.

The ability to maintain composure and make effective decision in stressful situations when dealing with challenging circumstances is imperative. They must have the ability to defuse hostile situations quickly. Individuals should be detail oriented with good problem solving skills. Tact and diplomacy are imperative. The ability to speak a second language, while not required, may give one applicant an edge over another.

Computer skills are often needed. Familiarity with programs such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Excel are helpful.