Production Designers and Art Directors


Employment Prospects


Typical employers include film and television production houses, movie studios, multimedia developers, computer games developers, and television stations.

Starting Out

The positions of production designer and art director are not entry level. Typically, a person on a career track toward the position of production designer or art director is hired as an assistant to an established professional.

Serving as an intern is a good way to get experience and develop skills. Graduates should also consider taking an entry-level job at a film or television studio to gain initial experience.

Advancement Prospects

Many production designers and art directors can advance by seeking employment with larger production companies and better-known directors and producers. Some production designers start their own freelance businesses. A few become directors or producers.

Tips for Entry

Increase your chances of getting hired by developing skills in a variety of areas, including set design and decoration, storyboard design, model and prop making, location scouting, computer-aided design, and other areas.

Join a school or community film enthusiast group.

Take any entry-level job you can get at a film or television studio to gain experience.

Volunteer to work for independent filmmakers or other amateur filmmakers for experience.