Professional Organizers


Employment Prospects


The prospects for obtaining a traditional job as a professional organizer are somewhat limited due to the number of available positions. Nevertheless the overall prospects for those who choose to work in this field are good. Individuals have unlimited self employment opportunities.

There are positions available in retail establishments that focus on organizing products and systems and in design or decorating stores. There are also some positions available for those individuals who have specialized skills or training working with the chronically disorganized in clinics. Many professional organizers, though, are self-employed.

Starting Out

For self-employed professional organizers starting out will require building a client base through advertising, marketing, word-of-mouth, and strategic volunteering. Those seeking employment at an established business should look for opportunities to assist established organizers.

Advancement Prospects

An individual in the field of professional organizing is in the unique position of being able to create his or her own career future. What may start out as a small, part-time job can grow into a full-time business. Professional organizers may choose to limit, or likewise may choose to extend the geographic area they work in. They may begin by doing individual rooms in family homes, such as nursery preparations, garage reorganizations, or similar residential jobs, and then expand their focus to include business and office environments. As they gain more skills and experience, professional organizers can elect to work with people with organizational challenges, not only in hands-on tidying and organizing, but in coaching and counseling to maintain orderly spaces. Those who are most skilled in the field command higher hourly rates and attract more prestigious clients. 

Tips for Entry

Join professional organizations such as the National Association of Professional Organizers or the Institute for Chronic Disorganization.

Seek coaching and information from an established professional organizer.

Increase your visibility in the community by volunteering to speak to community groups, at libraries, or centers for the elderly, or offer free consultations or services to non-profit agencies seeking donations for fund-raising.

Attend conferences for professional organizers to network and gain more expertise as well as ideas for growing and enhancing your business.

Word of mouth is your best advertising; don’t hesitate to ask satisfied customers to tell others of your good work.