Real Estate Educators


Real Estate Educators


Real estate educators, or real estate teachers, provide postsecondary instruction to students wishing to enter the real estate industry. They also offer continuing education opportunities or training to those already committed to a real estate career. They teach in colleges and universities, as well as in smaller classroom settings such as park districts, for-profit proprietary schools, conferences, and real estate corporations. Many belong to the Real Estate Educators Association, which serves the interests of real estate ...

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Bachelor's Degree



Teaching experience or experience in a real estate specialty requ





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Earnings vary widely according to the subject, the number of courses taught, the teacher’s experience, and the geographic region where the institution is located. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, self-enrichment education teachers earned an average salary of $39,190 in May 2019. The lowest paid 10 percent of these workers made less than $21,400, while the highest paid 10 percent earne...

Work Environment

Working conditions vary according to the type of class being taught, the location, and the number of students participating. Courses are usually taught in a classroom setting but may also be in a work setting, conference room, or online. Those teaching at conferences or training real estate professionals at their offices often travel to the conference or work site. Class sizes vary, ranging fro...


Although the housing market stabilized and recovered following the Great Recession, new economic woes accompanied the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in early 2020, including widespread unemployment. This created uncertainty in many sectors of the economy. While the ultimate impact of the pandemic remained to be seen in mid-2020, it will be a major consideration in the real estate market moving...