Salesforce Developers


Education and Training Requirements

High School

Take as many programming, software development, and other computer science classes as you can to build your skills. Some high schools offer JavaScript and C++ courses. Mathematics classes will provide you with the theoretical framework behind programming. Other recommended classes include English, speech, business, and social studies.

Postsecondary Education

Most Salesforce developers have bachelor’s degrees in software development, computer science, information technology, programming, information systems, or a related field. Most students also participate in at least one internship or co-op experience at Salesforce Inc. or a software developer to obtain hands-on experience. You can learn more about internships and other experiential opportunities at Salesforce Inc. at

Those who are interested in advancing to managerial- and executive-level positions often earn a master’s degree in IT management or business management. Developers who plan to start their own companies should take entrepreneurism classes or earn a certificate in this subject area.


Many colleges and universities offer certificates in software development and other IT-related fields. Some schools offer Salesforce-related certificates. For example, the University of California at Irvine offers an online, six-month Salesforce certificate to students who complete the following classes: Salesforce Business Administration Specialist, Salesforce Developer, and Salesforce Administrator. Visit for more information. Contact schools in your area to learn about available programs.

Other Education or Training

Salesforce Inc. offers in-person and virtual learning opportunities around the world via its Trailhead Academy ( Other continuing education classes and webinars are provided by computer associations and organizations, colleges and universities, and online learning platforms (such as Udemy and Coursera).

Certification, Licensing, and Special Requirements

Certification or Licensing

Salesforce Inc. offers more than 35 voluntary certification credentials to developers, designers, architects, marketers, consultants, and administrators. There are nearly 10 credentials for developers. The staffing firm Robert Half Technology recently listed the Salesforce certified development lifecycle and deployment designer credential as an in-demand certification in its Technology Salary Guide 2021. Although this credential is geared toward Salesforce architects, it is also earned by developers. Visit for information on certification credentials offered by Salesforce Inc.

Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits

In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree, entry-level developers should have experience with Apex, JavaScript, and C++ and have completed an internship, cooperative education experience, volunteer opportunity, or a part-time job with Salesforce Inc., a firm that develops software for the company, or businesses that use Salesforce software.

Salesforce Inc. says that recruiters are seeking the following technical and specialized skills: Salesforce platform, Lightning user interface framework, JavaScript, object-oriented programming, application and lifestyle management, semi-structured query language/Salesforce object search language, web services, Apex, and system integration. It also reports that the most common general skills listed in job postings for Salesforce developer roles are communication, writing, problem-solving, organization, customer service, and project management. Salesforce developers should also have experience with Agile (Scrum, Waterfall, etc.) methodologies, Visualforce and other frameworks, and other technologies that are commonly used with the Salesforce platform.

According to Robert Half Technology’s Technology Salary Guide 2021, in-demand soft skills for all tech workers include attention to detail, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, customer service, leadership, and problem solving. Other important traits include business acumen, change management, and project management.