Telecommunications Network Engineers


Employment Prospects


Telecommunications network engineers work for computer systems design and related services, finance and insurance companies, telecommunications carriers, and government agencies. The Department of Labor reported that there were 160,100 computer network architects, including telecommunications network engineers, employed in the United States in May 2019.

Starting Out

Many telecommunications network engineers get their start through internships and work their way up to the network engineer position. Jobs can be found through postings on professional association's Web sites and through general employment Web sites. Entry-level positions should be available in the coming years as companies continue to expand their telecommunications networks.

Advancement Prospects

Telecommunications network engineers usually have five to 10 years of prior work experience as telecommunications engineers, computer systems administrators, or related job titles. After several or more years in the network engineer role, they may advance to become department supervisors or managers.

Tips for Entry

Get an internship or part-time job in a telecommunications network service provider to gain experience in this industry.

Visit the Web sites of professional associations and read the news sections and publications to learn more about the computing profession.

Meet others in the field by attending networking events and conferences offered by trade organizations such as the Association for Computing Machinery or the National Center for Women & Information Technology, among others.