Theater Managers


Employment Prospects


Theater managers may work in a variety of employment settings including dinner theaters, regional theaters, large or small theaters, summer stock theaters, and university theaters. Some also work in theaters in hotels and casinos. There are also opportunities in theme parks such as Disneyworld, Disneyland, Dollywood, Six Flags, and many others. Still others  may work in concert halls or other venues which put on an array of theatrical productions, concerts and other types of events. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that in May 2019, there were 4,320 people working in theater management in theatrical companies and dinner theaters.

Starting Out

Aspiring theater managers may find it easier to break in by locating positions as assistant theater managers of smaller theaters. As theater managers in these types of venues often leave for better jobs, there is a greater chance of moving up the career ladder quickly. Your school's career services office may also be able to help you locate entry-level positions in theaters.

Advancement Prospects

There are a number of ways theater managers can advance their careers.  The most common is for individuals to find similar jobs in larger, more prestigious theaters. That in turn leads to increased responsibilities and earnings. Another option is for the individual to move into the general management of a theater company. A third option is for the individual to locate positions in auditorium or venue management.

Tips for Entry

If you are inexperienced, look for a job in a small theater or a city to get your foot in the door.

Find an internship through your college or other theatrical program in theater management.

In addition to looking for jobs in traditional theaters, dinner theaters, regional theaters, and on Broadway, look for openings at theaters in casinos, theme parks, hotels, and other venues.

Try to find a job as an assistant theater manager in a small theater. Job turnover is higher in these types of venues and you will have a better chance of promotion in a shorter span of time.