Traffic Managers


Exploring this Job

Get an internship or entry-level job in an advertising agency. A good place to start may be in the production, marketing, or creative department. The Advertising Educational Foundation offers lists of internship opportunities and other resources for those interested in the advertising industry. Professional associations such as the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, among many others, also offer information on networking events and educational programs. Explore their Web sites for industry news and trends and to find information about advertising careers.

The Job

Traffic managers work in advertising agencies where they serve as liaisons between advertisers and advertising agency staff members, including creative, production, marketing, sales, and other departments. They may create project schedules using project management software. They establish project deadlines for each step of the advertising campaign and make sure work is completed and delivered on time and within contractually established budgets. When delays arise or if any changes to the work need to be made, they communicate this information immediately to clients and to the staffers involved in the project. They also monitor clients' advertisements and notify them if any errors occur in the writing, data, or images. Advertising traffic managers may also study the advertising project process to determine ways to streamline and improve the process while still delivering quality work.