Unity Developers


Employment Prospects


Unity developers are employed by software developers that create video games, alternative reality technology, and other types of software that use the Unity game engine for use in city planning and in the transportation, defense/national security, finance, healthcare, education and training, and other industries.

Starting Out

Many Unity developers land their first jobs after performing well during internships or co-ops and catching the attention of their employers. Others begin by developing Unity-based products while in college and then applying for entry-level positions at companies that develop Unity-powered products. Other sources of job leads include using professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, attending career fairs and networking events, and applying for jobs directly at the Web sites of employers.  

Advancement Prospects

A skilled and experienced Unity developer can advance to become a lead developer, who manages a team of developers to complete projects. They can further advance to become directors of product development and then chief technology officers. Some developers choose to become high school or college teachers, while others decide to launch their own Unity development firms.  

Tips for Entry

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:

  • https://www.indeed.com/q-Virtual-Reality-Unity-Developer-jobs.html
  • https://www.dice.com/jobs/q-Unity+Developer-jobs
  • https://careers.igda.org
  • http://www.gamejobs.com
  • http://www.gamasutra.com
  • https://dribbble.com/jobs
  • https://careers.unity.com

Get certified. It will give you the edge over other applicants.

Become active in your school computer club or local technology groups.