User Experience Designers


Employment Prospects


User experience designers are employed by tech and Web services companies. They also work for any organization (such as a sports team, government agency, or a Big Four accounting firm) that wants to create a software application, Web site, or other tech product. Some designers work as freelancers, providing contract services to companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Starting Out

One excellent way to break into the field is by completing an internship during college. Many tech companies offer UX design internships. Contact tech companies directly or visit the following Web sites to learn more about internship opportunities:

  • https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/user-experience-design-internship-jobs
  • https://careercenter.hfes.org/jobs
  • https://www.vault.com/best-internships-rankings-search/top-100-internships

If you’re in college, become a student member of the User Experience Professionals Association to access its International Mentorship Program and receive a listing in its membership directory. Taking advantage of these membership benefits will help you to connect with UX designers and learn about job openings.

Other job-search strategies include utilizing employment sites, attending career fairs and networking events, working with recruiters, and using the resources of your college’s career services office. 

Advancement Prospects

User experience designers with several years of experience can advance to the position of senior UX designer, and then to UX design manager. Those with strong business skills may advance to executive-level positions such as chief technology officer, chief executive officer, or chief operating officer. Some UX designers launch their own consulting firms. 

Tips for Entry

Visit https://uxmastery.com/how-to-get-started-in-ux-design to read "How to Get Started in UX Design."

Check out the following Web sites for job listings:

  • https://uxpa.org/job-bank
  • https://careercenter.hfes.org/jobs
  • https://ixda.org/jobs
  • https://www.uxjobsboard.com

Attend annual conferences held by the User Experience Professionals Association (https://uiuxtrend.com/event/uxpa-international-conference-2020) and the Interaction Design Association (https://ixda.org/events/interaction-week) to network, participate in continuing education opportunities, and learn best practices from global UX experts.