The oldest and longest operating consultancy in the world, Arthur D. Little, expanded into the Asia-Pacific markets more than 70 years ago when it began advising India’s first independent cabinet. The firm remains an influential and ever-expanding presence in the region to this day, where it now operates across more than 10 countries, including Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific


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Strategy & OrganizationTechnology & Innovation...


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Hong Kong, CN


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Keren Jones- Browning, Human Resources Director

Vault Verdict

A name that carries a LOT of cachet in the consulting industry—including across the APAC region—Arthur D. Little represents an extremely solid choice, whether you’re seeking to begin a consulting career, or make a lateral move.

As an employer, the firm has some challenges across the region at present—notably around compensation, which insiders estimate to be some 20% behind competitors in specific markets. Combine that with long hours—which are definitely the case right now—and you have a recipe for some dissatisfaction, which certainly came across in our survey responses this year. Fortunately, both of those issues have relatively simple fixes—increase one, while reducing the other—and there are no other major red flags. Culture, opportunities and career progres...

About the Company

Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of innovation since 1886. It is an acknowledged thought leader in linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive and converging industries. The firm helps clients navigate changing business ecosystems to uncover new growth opportunities; in so doing, it supports clients in building innovation capabilities and transforming their organization.

Consultants operate in Europe, Asia and the Americas, offering tailored services to clients in a range of industries across three main functional practice areas. Consultants operate across a matrix structure of functional practices and industry practices which provide opportunities to work on a range of industries and functional areas.  

Arthur D. Little puts emphasis on not only strong analytic...

Employee Reviews

  • “ADL Japan has been growing a lot, especially these three years, and still growing and improving in many aspects; more diversified project portfolio, a better place to work, more focus on corporate transformation, better rewards, and so on.”
  • “Every farm has different experiences depending on the project, but our farm is no different.
    However, I think that strategic discussions based on technology and discussions with clients are particularly attractive. In particular, there are more opportunities for discussions with engineers than at other companies, so if you want to gain experience in consulting services in this area, I think it is a very attractive environment.
    In addition, since it naturally includes not only technology strategy but also how to think about the impact on business, the experience of consistent strategy construction from business strategy to technology strategy is good for those who are highly interested. I think it will be useful in my future career.”
  • “If the candidate likes exploring new ideas and approaches, enjoys the flexibility both in terms of workstyle and work content, and seizing growth opportunities, this firm can provide a very good environment.”
  • “Takes an innovative and ecosystem approach to consulting, always pursuing what is best for the client. Technical expertise and willingness to dig deep are positive factors for differentiation.”
  • “Your work style would be very flexible, and managers/partners understand employers' family affairs well.”

Why Work Here

ADL is an entrepreneurial company - we are the oldest management consulting firm but we are not trapped by process or tradition. For our business model, this means flexibility of approach – rather than just charge our clients by the hour, we may enter into partnerships with them. We eagerly transfer our knowledge to clients while learning from their insight and experience. This is also reflected in the way we work as a team – we value initiative and are always open to new ideas. Every path is possible, and we encourage our people to explore different industries beyond their specializations and work across disciplines.

ADL is proud to be ranked #3 on WSO’s list of Consulting Companies with The Hardest Interview.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Conduct multiple rounds of interviews, typically starting from junior staff to senior staff. Candidates with open minds and an appetite for novel approaches are a good fit.”
  • “HR push the process very quickly, and the partner is very kind during the interview.”
  • “There are generally 4 stages to the interview. 2 consultant/manager, 1 principal and 1 partner. About a week after each interview, you will be notified of the pass/fail decision.”
  • “The ideal candidate should possess the ability to think for basic consulting services, have independence (orientation to think and act on their own), and have knowledge in a specific field (e.g., Recently, those who have electric vehicles, digital services, etc.).”