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Arguably the most employee-focused of the Big 3 strategy players, Bain is a name that will open doors for the rest of your career. That’s if you’re interested in leaving, of course: the firm invests a lot of time and energy in training and development, with the goal of growing its future leaders from within. Couple that with a glittering client roster and top-of-the-market compensation, and it’s easy to make a case for staying at Bain for the long term.

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In a year marked by economic uncertainty and some less-than-flattering headlines for some of its competitors, Bain has emerged from 2023 with its reputation at the pinnacle of the industry not just intact, but burnished.

Long known as the member of the Big 3 with the strongest commitment to training, career progression, and culture, Bain has managed to stay the course this year, with insiders noting that the quality of engagements on offer has not dipped despite the tough market conditions.

While the overall outlook for 2024 remains uncertain, there is little reason to doubt that Bain will continue going from strength to strength in the months ahead, making it almost irresistible for those looking to hone their skills at a true industry powerhou...

About the Company

Bain & Company is a global consultancy that helps the world’s most ambitious change-makers define the future. Across 64 cities in 39 countries, the firm works alongside clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition, and redefine industries. Bain & Company complements its tailored, integrated expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver better, faster, and more enduring outcomes. Its 10-year commitment to invest more than $1 billion in pro bono services brings its talent, expertise, and insight to organizations tackling today’s urgent challenges in education, racial equity, social justice, economic development, and the environment. Since the founding of Bain & Company in 1973, it has measured its success by the success of its clients, and proudly ...

Employee Reviews

  • “A focus on delivering outsized results (financial or otherwise) by mastering the human element within our teams and with our clients.”

  • “Bain is an amazing place to work. There are highs and lows with the work, but the people and culture stand out above any other company I know.”

  • “Great place to learn and make a difference - either for long term career or outside of Bain if ultimately the choice.”

  • “This is a complicated industry, and the projects require people who are very open minded to new ways of working, new industries, new clients... you can only be successful if you are willing to invest time in it, and to positively react to change.”

  • “Working at Bain has meant doing hard and impactful work alongside colleagues who are also dear friends.”

Why Work Here

At Bain, we work with bold clients who want to define the future, not hide from it. We solve transformative challenges by working alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and collaboration is key to building our extraordinary teams. We hire people with exceptional talents, abilities and potential, then create an environment where you can bring your whole self to work.

We know your priorities can shift as your life changes. At every point, we make sure you have what you need for a long, productive and fulfilling career with us.

We never let one another fail. It’s a simple motto, but one we live by every day.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Two rounds of interviews, two cases and 'behavioral interview' for each round. Ideal candidate is smart, a good team player, structured and logical and humble.”

  • “For MBAs we have shifted to a first-and-final interview day (vs. 2 rounds). Format is two cases plus an experience interview. Callbacks are done within one to two days, but may be within a few hours.”

  • “Highly selective process to find candidates who have excellent problem solving skills, team skills and client/communication skills.”

  • “Selection process is rigorous and competitive. In my large NA office, we receive thousands of applications for summer associate position and ultimately offer 25-30 MBA students each year. To get an interview requires impressing the firm in multiple coffee chats and performing well in multiple practice cases. Getting the offer requires knocking it out of the park in each interview. The people that make it through are as high caliber as they come.”

  • “We screen CVs to choose high potential candidates that are called for a first round of interviews. This round consists of two case interviews with managers, who then make a decision of who goes to second round. Second round is similar, but with more complex cases conducted by our senior manager and partners. We send offers the day of the second interview. This whole process take about one week from interview one to offer. We are looking for people who are capable of dissecting a problem and asking the right questions to come up with an answer. We don't need business knowledge, but we do need common sense. We are also looking for someone who is capable of working in a team environment, receive feedback and act upon it. Finally, someone who is intellectually curious and wants to explore different projects and industries.”

Perks & Benefits

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