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McKinsey consultants work in collaborative teams, have opportunities to make meaningful impact, and engage in challenges to stretch their abilities and further their expertise. McKinsey provides a culture that is distinctive and inclusive, focused on a personalized, flexible, dynamic environment that delivers high-performing and sustainable results. The firm is creating conditions for its colleagues to author their own journey and advance based on individual skills and impact.

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Lisa Hurst, Director of North America Recruiting

Vault Verdict

McKinsey’s reign at the top of the consulting industry shows no sign of slowing anytime soon, even in the midst of a wave of uncertainty about macroeconomic conditions and potential pullbacks in client spending.

As such, the firm represents a highly enticing opportunity for those seeking to become future C-suite leaders. Take the firm’s prestige, which opens doors all over the business world, add in best-in-class training and client engagements, and top it all off with excellent compensation packages. Bake for a minimum of 2-3 years—or longer, if you want to build a career within the firm—and you have a recipe for long-term career success and upward mobility that very few other firms can replicate.

About the Company

McKinsey & Company is a privately owned management consulting firm committed to accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth. Roundly considered the most prestigious company of its kind, it has achieved a near-universal level of renown by combining transformative technologies and a range of capabilities and working models.  The firm’s practice areas address strategic, organizational, operational, and technological issues that challenge its clients.

McKinsey’s work encompasses everything from tech-enabled transformations to climate transition journeys to implementation and change. While it doesn't share the names of its clients, the firm does claim to serve roughly 90 of the top-100 corporations worldwide and more than 80 of the 100 largest U.S.-based companies on their most important challenges in a digital and da...

Employee Reviews

  • “The way McKinsey trusts the ability of its employees motivates them to deliver their best and provides exceptional work opportunities is what I have not seen in any other firms.”
  • “A larger size than the other top tier consulting firms opens more flexibility to pursue different interests and specializations vs the classic generalist consultant.”
  • “McKinsey is a great organization overall. The firm attracts and retain top talent and is good for networking.”
  • “The firm is very inclusive in so many aspects. I can also personally say that we have been well supported throughout the pandemic years. A lot of mental health and well-being support was provided. New work arrangements have also been truly helpful for working parents.”
  • “You might get tired of learning but there truly is so much to venture into—it's fascinating. Also among the top reasons why members (that are keen to learn and grow) find it hard to leave this organization - it has world-class trainings to offer—you just need to grab.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Firm looks for uniqueness. One can learn hard skills but soft skills, intrinsic ability and strong problem solving are the areas where the person should shine. We believe in providing detailed feedback to every candidate so that they can re-apply after working on their skills. We also hold case coaching sessions to prep candidates before the interviews.”
  • “Need to take at least 3 interviews for all positions in the company, fast callback.”
  • “Proactive and real time call back.”
  • “The firm believes in potential.”
  • “Well rounded, highly selective.”