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As the first consultancy native to Europe to expand internationally, Roland Berger’s identity is deeply entwined with the concept of global community. The firm operates on the idea that businesses must focus on the long play: sustainable economic, environmental, and social change on a global scale instead. Jobseekers who lead with heart and future-forward priorities should seek out a firm working actively to bring meaning to the consulting industry.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50 North America


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Boston, MA


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Ashley VG Thomas – Senior Recruiting Manager...

Vault Verdict

In an environment where many firms are struggling, Roland Berger insiders point to YOY growth rates in excess of 30% as evidence of their firm’s ability to navigate any economic climate.

Known for going above and beyond client expectations, the firm has cultivated a reputation for delivering detailed and innovative solutions. This commitment to excellence, however, often comes at the cost of longer working hours, a trade-off that many employees see as worthwhile for the firm's rapidly improving brand recognition and rapid career development opportunities.

Additionally, the firm is making strides with initiatives like flexible working and generous time-off policies, though the implementation and experience can vary. Compensation is competitiv...

About the Company

From its humble beginnings as a one-man consulting firm, Roland Berger has grown forcefully and developed a sizable global footprint. The market leader in Germany and the only native European consultancy to boast an international presence, its 3,000 employees today work from 51 offices spanning 34 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. The company provides a diverse array of consulting services to many of the world's largest corporations across a broad spread of industries, from automotive engineering, construction and chemicals to consumer goods, energy, environmental technology, financial services, machinery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, public services, rail, telecommunications, travel and tourism.

One man, one vision

Roland Berger founded t...

Employee Reviews

  • “Clients are very impressed with our work. We provide detailed, comprehensive approaches to problems that go above and beyond client expectations. Although this can mean sacrificing a few hours of sleep, it's worth it in the end to hear that we were one of the best consulting experiences a client team has had.”

  • “Excellent time to join Roland Berger as we are growing faster than any other strategy firm. Great opportunity to learn and grow based on the firm's expertise and depth of capabilities. Excellent international diversity.”

  • “I believe that the authenticity of our team members and their humility sets us apart. We have some incredible people with expertise on topics I had never heard of before joining Roland Berger. However, they don't lead with their accolades or expertise, they lead as a person, and they talk to you like a peer even if they are a Senior Partner. Everyone has a role to play in driving the future of the firm at Roland Berger, and you can feel it every single day.”

  •  “New employees get a lot of exposure quickly and gain a lot of experience. Great place to own your career track. At the same time, new employees are tossed into the deep end of the pool and need to swim quickly. This experience is not for everyone.”

  • “Roland Berger truly pushes its entrepreneurial culture. You have the opportunity/possibility to set your own path here, unlike some of the larger firms. It also has the resources that you need and expect from a large company (due to larger footprint in Europe/Asia).”

Getting Hired Here

  • “First and foremost, we look for authenticity. We want our employees to be themselves and be authentic every day they are at work. We seek this out in our interviews and encourage candidates to share their true thoughts and feelings. Anyone can be polished, but a great candidate will be able to open up and relate to others.”

  • “For juniors—good attitude, good aptitude, interesting people.”

  • “Interviews are straightforward (no tricks)and can be quite challenging. The internal team is quick to process interview results and move through the process. They call you back right away on the results.”

  • “Strong interview and callback process. Need to start the process earlier and finish later.”

  • “There were three rounds of interviews. First was a case/behavioral. Second was just behavioral. The last was just a case. The ideal candidate that the firm is looking for at the MBA level is someone with industry experience.”

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