Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Roland Berger is the first natively European consulting firm to expand internationally. While global in scale and scope, the firm maintains a distinctly European culture that makes it a fascinating and enriching place to make your professional “home.” For those looking for an international experience unlike any other, where better to start than the original European firm to go global?

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


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Aerospace & Defense


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Isabell Schönemann, HR Manager (DACH)

Vault Verdict

Roland Berger is a firm on a serious growth curve right now, and seems to be going from strength to strength in every corner of the globe. That success has given it the leeway to truly focus on professionalizing every aspect of its business, from top-of-the-market compensation packages to best-in-class programs around DEIJ.

If there’s one drawback to life at the firm, it’s hours, but those are not only common throughout much of the industry, but also a further sign of the surge in demand for Roland Berger’s services. All told, there is much to like about the firm and few red flags from insiders. Our recommendation, then, is to check it out for culture fit.

About the Company

From its humble beginnings as a one-man consulting firm, Roland Berger has grown forcefully and developed a sizable global footprint. The market leader in Germany and the only native European consultancy to boast an international presence, its 3,000 employees today work from 52 offices spanning 35 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. The company provides a diverse array of consulting services to many of the world's largest corporations across a broad spread of industries, from automotive engineering, construction and chemicals to consumer goods, energy, environmental technology, financial services, machinery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, public services, rail, telecommunications, travel and tourism.

One man, one vision

Roland Berger f...

Employee Reviews

  • “Anyone who wants to make a difference in their company and work with outstanding colleagues should get to know Roland Berger better as a potential employer.”
  • “I think that Roland Berger’s culture really sets apart our firm from the competition. The atmosphere within the company is really great, less hierarchical than other competitors, with more early responsibilities. For instance, every Friday, we organize the BoF (best of Friday), a very cool event with the whole Paris office to drink beers and chat.”
  • “Opportunity to create - We are of an attractive size which allows everyone to push their own initiatives, whether it is office events, soccer tournaments, sustainability initiatives. Anything you put your mind to, the management is quite supportive in following up on creative ideas to make Roland Berger an amazing place to work.”
  • “Super entrepreneurial. We do not just deliver reports or analyses, we do that and IN ADDITION create change by thinking with the end in mind. Our projects always require us to align very, very often with our clients. We are super close to our clients.
    We also travel so, so much, which I absolutely love. I have seen so many countries, people, hotels, and airplanes as I ever wanted to see back in the day when I dreamt of becoming a consultant. Super happy about such a diverse and motivating environment. My colleagues at our main competitors hardly travel - or at least do not travel nearly as much as me.
    Those who do not wish to travel, however, they do not need to. Roland Berger accommodates everything.”
  • “We hire to develop and retain team members. We invest in each and everyone's career development and we try our best to create an environment where working in consulting is truly fun and sustainable and not just a short intermezzo.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interviewees get notified either directly (for physical interview days), or within 24h after the (virtual) interview. The ideal applicant is well prepared regarding case study solving, shows interest in and knowledge about the firm, and most importantly, is not afraid to admit mistakes but shows honesty and authenticity above perfection.”
  • “Smart but purpose-driven personality that wishes to create impact for his team, for the client and the society.”
  • “Structured thinking, business sense (and industry expertise for senior positions) and motivation (which is key to succeed in an environment where entrepreneurship spirit is everywhere as Roland Berger).”
  • “The ideal candidate is a smart and insightful person that has the ability to look beyond the problem of the client into the bigger picture and find unique solutions for it.”
  • “We are looking for authentic winning personalities with entrepreneurial spirit – therefore, high importance of personality in interview process. Diversity plays an important role in our selection process – we value diverse talents, strengths and perspectives; diverse teams create the most innovative and sustainable solutions.”

Perks & Benefits

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