Roland Berger—the first European consultancy to expand internationally—entered the Asia-Pacific regions with the establishment of its Tokyo office in 1991. More than three decades later, the firm operates in Greater China, South Korea, India, and throughout Southeast Asia as a critical partner to some of the biggest players in these markets. Consider Roland Berger for a rare chance to join a well-established institution in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

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Roland Berger presents a dynamic and challenging environment that rewards entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. The firm’s culture is highlighted by its emphasis on skill growth, challenging projects, and a family-like atmosphere, fostering both personal and professional growth. Despite the high expectations and long hours typical of the consulting industry, the firm makes significant efforts to balance work and life, offering flexibility and supportive policies.

Insiders note that compensation and benefits are competitive, with clear pathways for career progression coupled with regular opportunities for skill enhancement through comprehensive training programs. The firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, although still evolving, shows promise with initiati...

About the Company

Roland Berger’s European heritage is a feature that many of its consultants across the APAC region love about their company. From the firm’s approach to work life balance to its industry-leading sustainability commitments, Roland Berger insiders regularly cite those roots as a key factor underlining their overall job satisfaction.

On a day-to-day basis, the company offers strong compensation packages, regular training and career development opportunities, and a great deal of flexibility about working location and hours. With insiders predicting a string of recent positive results to continue throughout 2024, this is a firm for those who want to play a role in continuing to build a challenger brand throughout the region—with the potential for international transfers to boot.

Employee Reviews

  • “A closely connected community of smart individuals who are respectful of each other.”

  • “Empowering success through expertise.”

  • “Mutual respect and an open culture to share and voice opinions and concerns and willingness to continuously improve.”

  • “Roland Berger has extensive experience across multiple vertical industries coupled with a sterling reputation in Europe. This blend of diverse industry expertise and strong European presence empowers it to deliver superior, nuanced solutions to the clients, thereby standing out in the competitive landscape.”

  • “Strong emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking: Roland Berger values and encourages an entrepreneurial mindset. If you thrive on creative problem-solving, taking initiative, and exploring innovative solutions, you’ll likely find the firm’s approach to consulting appealing.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “1. Problem-Solving Skills: Consulting firms value candidates who can think critically and analytically to solve complex business problems.
    2. Analytical Abilities: Strong quantitative and data analysis skills are often highly desirable, as consultants frequently work with data-driven solutions.
    3. Communication Skills: Effective communication, both verbal and written, is crucial for presenting findings and recommendations to clients and team members.”

  • “Interview and callback process: once HR starts to contact you, I would say they are quite responsive.”

  • “Roland Berger is actively seeking candidates who embody the entrepreneurial spirit, possess a strong academic background, and have a track record of getting things done. The firm values individuals with a forward-thinking mindset, the ability to identify opportunities, and the drive to turn ideas into action.” 

  • “The hiring process is quite swift and when I was hired, there was constant communication with the HR team on the next steps.”

  • “We review candidates from all aspects, and the entire process is very efficient. We are looking for candidates with empathy, entrepreneurship, and energy.”

Perks & Benefits

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