Simon-Kucher—a global leader in pricing, sales & marketing—expanded into the Asia-Pacific region in 2001 with the opening of its Tokyo office. Since then, its presence in the region has grown to include offices in half a dozen cities, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney. Known for investing in its people’s growth, Simon-Kucher & Partners offers many opportunities for jobseekers with an interest in this region.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Best Consulting Firms in Asia-Pacific for Pricing, Sales &...


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Bonn, Germany (HQ)


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Australia: Danielle Cronan, Senior HR Coordinator Australia

Vault Verdict

A firm that is still finding its feet across the APAC region, Simon-Kucher’s biggest issue at the moment appears to be around brand recognition. While there is certainly no shortage of the kinds of projects the firm is renowned for in Europe and North America, insiders note that the firm’s reputation means it doesn’t yet get the same consideration in APAC.

Of course, that presents an opportunity for entrepreneurially-minded consultants to play more of a role in raising the firm’s profile, as well as winning and delivering work—all of which are excellent resume-building activities on top of the actual client work. 

Those issues aside, there’s little doubt that SKP represents an excellent career opportunity for anyone seeking to specialize in...

About the Company

Simon-Kucher is a global consulting firm specializing in strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales. With about 2,000 employees and offices in 30 countries, their practice is built on evidence-based, practical strategies for profit improvement. The firm is regarded as the world's leading pricing advisor and thought leader, with 37 years of experience under its belt. In addition to pricing, Simon-Kucher works to streamline marketing and sales for clients, and assists them in developing corporate strategies. The company has conducted projects for clients in almost every country.

Unlike cost-cutting initiatives, Simon-Kucher’s work in growing clients’ revenue and profit has no natural limits. As long as consumers, technologies, and business environments keep changing, companies will need help with monetizing their products.


Employee Reviews

  • “A collegial culture of diverse consultants innovating the way businesses solve problems in Australia.”
  • “Do not expect everything to have a policy or process in place. Lots of things are WIP and people are expected to be self-motivated and get answers rather than waiting for things to be told to them.”
  • “Explore the unique expertise of SKP and turn them into unique values to international and local companies in China market.”
  • “For a consulting company, Simon-Kucher is amongst the best in terms of output, work life balance and company culture. I truly believe we are underrated but well on our way to be a 1st tier company.
  • “[The firm’s key differentiator is] Pricing, because that’s our niche. But in terms of company I would say the independence that the firm gives to its employees to do work however they want as long as outcome is stellar for the client.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “4-5 round interviews after screening resume, including on-site case, presentation, individual interview with peers, line managers and partners.
    Ideal candidate - highly motivated with solid analytical skills, entrepreneurship, good business sense, down to earth and presentable.”
  • “Grads go through about 4 interviews after initial testing and screening. The ideal candidate is data driven, capable of learning and thinking quickly. “
  • “Ideal candidate would be smart, good with numbers and humble.”
  • “Quick feedback on applications and after interviews.”

Perks & Benefits

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