Adaptive Physical Education Specialists


Adaptive Physical Education Specialists


Adaptive physical education specialists teach physical education to adults and children with delayed motor development or other physical impairments. Specialists individualize instruction according to the student's age, skill level, and condition. They may screen and place students in physical education programs and monitor their progress by keeping records of their attendance and performance. There are approximately 295,570 special education teachers, including adaptive physical education specialists, employed in the United States....

Quick Facts


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Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



Three or more years experience



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Adaptive physical education specialists had average annual wages of $51,790 in June 2019, according to ZipRecruiter. Although salaries ranged from a low of $17,500 to a high of $89,000, most were between $39,500 (25th percentile) and $60,000 (75th percentile).

The Bureau of Labor Statistics includes adaptive physical education specialists in the special education teachers category. As of...

Work Environment

Most adaptive physical education specialists work in school systems for students in kindergarten through high school. Some may work in pre-schools and early childhood education centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or hospitals. The work is physical as well as mental. Specialists must have good physical skills as well as clear communication skills to instruct and guide students an...


The employment outlook for adaptive physical education specialists is solid. More attention is being paid to identifying children with disabilities early on, so more adaptive physical education specialists will be needed to screen and place students in special education programs as well as to instruct and guide them. The Department of Labor projects 3 percent employment growth for all special e...