Agile Coaches or Trainers


Agile Coaches or Trainers


The Agile methodology is an iterative approach to project management in software development and in other fields. Some of its main components are the use of collaborative, cross-functional teams; an emphasis on short and focused work increments (known as sprints) during which a team works to complete an agreed-upon amount of work; an openness to regular self-evaluation and improvement by team members; a preference for face-to-face communication between team members and stakeholders; a preference for simple solutions over complex ones, when p...

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Bachelor's Degree



Several years experience in project management





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Agile coaches earned salaries that ranged from $86,000 to $162,000 or more in 2021, according to They received a median annual salary of $123,803. Some coaches receive bonuses, access to profit-sharing programs, and other non-salary–related financial awards. In 2021, Agile coaches received bonuses that ranged from $3,000 to $26,000 and profit-sharing awards of $2,000 to $19,000, a...

Work Environment

Agile coaches work in office environments at companies and other employers, although some work from remote settings. A full-time coach works a standard, 40-hour-week, Monday through Friday. A coach who is employed as a consultant (i.e., freelance) may spend a few hours each day at the office of a client in the morning and then travels to the office of a different client in the afternoon. Many A...


In its 2021 Technology Salary Guide, the staffing firm Robert Half Technology featured Agile and Scrum on its list of in-demand skills and expertise. Demand for these skills was strong in both the United States and Canada.

Agile software development strategies will continue to be used by software companies that are seeking to improve their development processes and gain a compet...