Automobile Service Technicians


Automobile Service Technicians


Automobile service technicians, also known as automobile mechanics, maintain and repair cars, vans, small trucks, and other vehicles. Using both hand tools and specialized diagnostic test equipment, they pinpoint problems and make the necessary repairs or adjustments. In addition to performing complex and difficult repairs, technicians perform a number of routine maintenance procedures, such as oil changes, tire rotation, and battery replacement. Technicians interact frequently with customers to explain repair procedures an...

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Salary ranges of automobile service technicians vary depending on the level of experience, type of shop the technician works in, and geographic location. Generally, technicians who work in small-town, family-owned gas stations earn less than those who work at dealerships and franchises in metropolitan areas.

Automobile service technicians had median annual salaries of $40,710 ($19.57 an ...

Work Environment

Depending on the size of the shop and whether it's an independent or franchised repair shop, dealership, or private business, automobile technicians work with anywhere from two to 20 other technicians. Most shops are well lighted and well ventilated. They can frequently be noisy with running cars and power tools. Minor hand and back injuries are the most common problems of technicians. When rea...


With more than 276 million vehicles in operation today in the United States, automobile service technicians should feel confident that a good percentage will require servicing and repair. Demand will be high for technicians with formal education, ASE certification, and knowledge of cutting-edge automotive technologies such as hybrid-fuel technology and computer systems. Less-skilled workers wil...