Casino Managers


Exploring this Job

Many casinos offer career and job fairs so individuals can learn more about careers in the gaming field. If you are in an area hosting casinos, you might even stop by and talk to them to get a first hand account of the job. Most people are happy to tell you about their job. Make sure you go at an off time so that people will have time to talk to you. 

You might also want to stop by the human resources department of a casino and speak to a human resources specialist. In some instances, they will let you job shadow someone in the casino management department to help you see if that is the perfect job for you. Keep in mind, however, that as extensive experience is needed for this position, they might think it better to have you job shadow a pit boss or shift manager.

Take every opportunity available to learn new skills. Become fluent in another language. It will give you an edge over other applicants. A part time or summer job in the customer service department in any industry will be helpful. An internship in any capacity at a casino will also provide you will good experience.

The Job

Casino managers, also referred to as managers or gaming managers hold an important position in the casino. They are in charge of handling the day-to-day management of the gaming area and overseeing the operation of the casino. They are responsible for a wide array of tasks within the casino.

In order to run efficiently, casinos have operating policies formulated by the board of directors, CEO or president of the company with the assistance of the executive vice president and the vice president of casino operations. Casino managers help administer these policies. Within these guidelines, they organize, plan, and direct the gaming operations in the facility.

Individuals are responsible for monitoring and observing the gaming areas and overseeing the management of table games and slots in the casino. They must make sure all games are played in accordance with federal and state governmental regulations, and monitor compliance with regulatory requirements.

It is important that the casino manager is a presence in the casino. He or she will often walk through the gaming area to observe the activities of both guests and employees to assure that rules are being followed and there is no cheating going on. The casino manager is expected to oversee and coordinate security services in the facility. As part of the job, he or she assures the security and protection of the casino bankroll. He or she additionally is in charge of preparing and tracking the cash flow of the casino.

The casino manager is in charge of overseeing employees working in the gaming area and supervising casino management personnel. Depending on the structure of the casino, these may include the assistant casino manager, casino operations managers, assistant casino operations managers, casino administrators, casino credit managers and shift bosses. They may help select, hire, train and schedule employees. As part of the job, individuals are expected to build a good working relationship with casino employees, an essential ability for maintaining employee loyalty to the casino.

An important function of the casino manager is promoting good customer relations. He or she is responsible for handling problems on the gaming floor and dealing with customer complaints. At times, the casino manager will comp (or provide) rooms, meals, show tickets, etc. to patrons who are spending a lot of money gambling. Those who are most successful in these jobs, create an environment which is totally customer service oriented and fun.